Friday, 18 March 2011

Welcome to the Crisp Biscuit Blog...

Hello, I’m failed cartoonist Robert Wells. Welcome to my new blog, where I intend to publish sketches, random pages from my new project – don’t piss your pants with excitement just yet, I drew the first page a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t finished the second page – and a weekly one-page strip*. I may also use this space to moan about stuff and plug comics by other people, but maybe not. Most of my older comic strips are available to read on my website ( but I probably won’t start putting any new stuff on there for a while. I also write comic reviews, along with my internet friends Paul Rainey, Rol Hirst, and Steve Miller, for Comics On The Ration. My first weekly strip will appear on Monday, but I will probably stick something else up before then. By the way, the sketch above this post is not of me, that’s special agent Jack Bowser from the Central Unit for Nabbing Terrorists. You’ll be meeting him again soon (unless you don’t bother coming back, of course).

*Actual frequency of the weekly strip may not be weekly, please check with your internet service provider, terms and conditions apply, etc.

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