Thursday, 13 October 2011

Too Much Sex & Violence #1 / FPI Blog Review / Weekly Strip Update

Too Much Sex & Violence is a new comic written by Rol 'Pjang' Hirst and drawn by various artists, each contributing two to three pages.  The first issue is available now and features art by Andrew Cheverton, Paul Rainey, Kelvin Green, Nige Lowrey, Mark Renhard, Martin Eden, Adrian Bamforth, and me, with lettering, design, etc., by Davey Metcalfe-Carr.  I drew the last two pages to this issue and am about to start work on three particularly nasty pages for issue two.  Get your copy of TMS&V #1 from Rol now.  That's an order!

While I'm here, I would like to thank Richard Bruton for his generous review of Crisp Biscuit Comics #1, and most of my other comics, on the Forbidden Planet International Blog.  It was much appreciated and really made my day.

Oh, and my 'weekly' strip for this blog will be back starting next Monday.  I hadn't given up on it, I was just distracted by a couple of other projects.  There may not be a new strip every week, but I will do my best.  I will continue to call them 'weekly' strips, simply because 'weekly strip' sounds better than 'occasional strip'.  

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