Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Crisp Biscuit Comics #1 (fancy new printing)

The new printing of Crisp Biscuit Comics #1 is available now (get one by visiting the Buy Crap page on my website, or by clicking on the PayPal button below).  The first printing was something that I knocked out on my printer at home last summer, so that I'd have something to take to Caption (a small-press comic convention in Oxford), but this second printing has been professionally printed on glossy paper and various mistakes from the first printing have been corrected.  This is a 20-page, colour collection of some of the one-page humour strips that I produced for this blog last year.  As well as several episodes of Twenty-Bore, you will also get to meet Peter Pentel the Amazing Spider Man, Cheryl Coal Tit, and the Green C**k Ring.  Also: Amazing Political Fantasy!  Crisp Biscuit Comics #2 is nearly ready (I just need to draw a front cover) and should be going to the printers by the end of next week, while the new, colour printing of Colin Comix #1 is at the printers right now (I saw a proof copy yesterday and it looks really nice) and should be with me by the end of this week.  

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