Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Department of the Peculiar #1 is out now!

Department of the Peculiar #1, written by Rol Hirst and drawn by me, is back from the printer and available to order now, for £2.95 (including postage within the UK).  I'm not usually one to blow my own trumpet, but I think this is the best art I have ever produced, and Rol's script is pretty great, too.  Still not sold?  Well, here's how Rol's describes the series:

From the writer of Too Much Sex & Violence, PJANG and The Jock (Rol Hirst) and the creator of Crisp Biscuit and Colin Comix (Rob Wells) comes a new British super-powered action/comedy/drama thingy about the government department established to investigate peculiar occurrences, people and phenomena.

You see, in Britain, super-powers are not seen as the next level in evolution… they’re something you go to the doctor about (if you can get an appointment). They make you feel, “a bit peculiar”.

Bitten by a radioactive daddy longlegs? Your average Brit doesn’t put on a costume to fight crime… he takes two weeks off work and writes a letter of complaint to his local MP.

Growing three indestructible claws out the back of your knuckles? Better get down the chemist and hope there’s a cream for it! 

Suddenly able to run faster than a locomotive? You just know there’ll be leaves on the line.

Yes, we’re a sick nation… and we’re only getting sicker!

Into this weary world of whinge comes former American superhero Viral Mal, a man with a power that will sicken you. With just a click of his fingers, he can make you come down with anything from a sore throat to the bubonic plague… and he hates himself for it. You might think he’d fit in perfectly… but Mal has other ideas. Having left the States to get away from all the superhero slugfests and evil mastermind revenge plots, Mal wants nothing more than to disappear into a life of anonymous drudgery. But insidious, irascible and indestructible Department of the Peculiar director Lisa Cole has other ideas, enlisting Mal to join her elite squad of malingerers and misfits in the fight against the fantastic afflictions that threaten our once great nation…

Their very first case? High cholesterol gone bad. We guarantee: you’ll never eat a ready meal again…

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?  This first adventure is a two-parter, which concludes next issue, but if this does well, there may be more.  I certainly hope so!  You can order the first issue now, either from the shop section on my website or by clicking the button below now:  

There is also a Kindle version available from Amazon:

The above link takes you to Amazon.co.uk but it is also available from Amazon.com, .de, .fr, .es., .it, and even Amazon India!  Modern world, you never cease to amaze me!

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