Monday, 15 October 2012

Website News!

Just letting everyone know that my website, which was mostly an archive of my old strips, no longer exists and that all traffic to that domain will be diverted here from now on.  I was paying way too much in web-hosting fees and I just couldn't justify the expense any more, particularly as most of the strips on the site are still available in print form, in comics that I want to sell, and sales from the site were always very slow, to put it mildly.  From now on, I will focus on promoting my comics through this blog -  although I might try Tumblr, too, or even instead, if I can get my head around it - and my comics are currently available to buy online from my Comicsy shop (only my most recent comics are on there at the moment, but I will add the rest this week, as well as a few bundle options). 

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