Wednesday, 5 December 2012

That Poor Yellow Bastard / Firefly

Here's a couple of things I drew recently for the Weekly Themed Art Blog, which I joined a couple of weeks ago (I am unable to post stuff to the blog myself as I don't have access yet, so I'm just posting to the Facebook group page for now).  Last week's theme was 'the mean streets of the big city', which made me think of Sin City, which I've never been able to take all that seriously, hence the above image.  The week before that the theme was 'the films and TV shows of Joss Whedon', which led me to produce the hurriedly drawn, piss-poor image of Inara from Firefly that you see below. 

This week's theme is 'The Hobbit', which is going to be a real struggle for me because I've never read the books, have never particularly wanted to read the books, and only ever watched the Lord of the Rings films because my wife wanted to see them (I really enjoyed the second one but was very bored during the other two).  If I manage to come up with something, I'll probably post it on here, too.

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