Friday, 23 March 2012

DemonCon 3

On Sunday the 22nd of April, I will be attending the DemonCon 3 comic convention at the Exchange Studio in Maidstone, Kent.  This is the first time I have ever had a table at a con – which is pathetic really, considering I have been drawing and self-publishing comics on and off since 1991 – but I just can’t miss this one, because I live in Maidstone and the Exchange Studio is only a 15 minute drive from my house!  The line up of guests announced so far is pretty good, and includes professionals like Kieron Gillen and Dan Abnett alongside small press creators like Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable, creators of the excellent ‘West’ series.  Best of all, there will be a live wrestling show (yeah, I know this has nothing to do with comics, but I used to love wrestling and I am more excited about this than anything).

I will be bringing copies of all of my self-published comics with me.  I am having some more copies of Crisp Biscuit Comics #1 printed up at the moment – the first printing was done on my printer at home but these are being professionally printed and the proof copy I got looked really nice – and CBC #2 should be going to the printer next week.  I am also planning to get some colour copies of Colin Comix #1 printed up – the first printing of that was also done on my printer at home and had black and white interiors, which didn’t look that great because the strips in it were originally in colour – and I have realised that I have enough unpublished material from around the time Colin Comix #1 came out (2004) to fill another comic, so I may even get some copies of Colin Comix #2 printed up, too.  I will also be taking along copies of the first three issues of Too Much Sex & Violence, as well as a drawing pad and some pencils and pens, in case anyone wants to see how badly I draw when people are watching.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spandex #6

The sixth issue of Martin Eden’s Spandex is out now, and it’s another corker (with a lovely cover).  This really is the most enjoyable super-hero comic around right now.  The last few issues have reminded me a lot of Claremont and Byrne’s classic X-Men run – this issue even has a bit of a ‘Dark Phoenix’ moment – and as those were the comics that got me hooked on comics in the first place, that’s no bad thing at all.  This issue even comes with three free mini-comics, written by Martin and drawn by other artists.  Cherry Blossom girls is drawn by T’sao Wei, Hag is drawn by Garry McLaughlin, and Bear-Man & Twinkle is drawn by, err, me.  Yes, this is a shameless plug.  But even if I hadn’t drawn Bear-Man & Twinkle – which is a lot of fun – I’d still be plugging Spandex.  All six issues are available to order here, and in May, Titan Books will publishing a hardcover collection of the first three issues.  That’s listed in the latest Previews and is also available to pre-order from all the usual online retailers.  If I were you, I’d go and order a copy right now.